Azilal Rugs vintage ancient 1995’s "Imane"



size:170cm x 60cm

Azilal rugs or Azilals were traditionally handmade by the indigenous Berber women from the Azilal region located deep in the rural remote areas of the High Atlas Mountains. Each rug tells the story of the weaver and symbolises their life in patterns. The tribal patterns can tell stories of life, death, beliefs, appreciation or major life events. Traditionally the art of creating these rugs would be passed down through generation as mother would teach daughter and so on.

The Azilals are colourful pieces made from pure wool and cotton mix and distinguished tribal designs unique to each weaver. Traditional Azilal designs are an array of different colours and patterns consciously placed on a white or cream background. The colours were created from vegetable dye or by using threads of recycled coloured cotton materials. You will never be able to find 2 identical authentic rugs and each rug is a unique piece of art.